Sunday, November 29, 2009

Delux Restaurant

I am sorry about not posting very often. But we have had non-stop company at the same time that I started a new job--plus 2 holidays! Did I mention that we are re-tiling our shower? Let's just say that I have been busy. I promise in a week, there will be more consistent posting. Maybe not as many as when I wasn't working for 3 months, but more. So here's a little review of a restaurant in Phoenix. It's an upscale burger joint. The burgers are really good. Large burgers, good buns, good toppingd. Not a huge menu, but they also have good fries. You can get regular or sweet potato--or a mix of both. They have ketchup and another sauce that kind of tastes like the Bloomin' Onion sauce at Outback. And they come in a mini shopping cart! So cute. If I had a restaurant, I would do something like that. They are also located next to a gelato place. Yum.

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